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Re-uploading All Videos From BnS To Weliy Studio
Category: BnS News
Tags: Re-uploading All Videos From BnS To Weliy Studio

Dear vistor, friends, family,

Change of plan re-uploading the all video from BnS's youtube channel to Weliyo Studio's youtube channel. I "Salah", going to start it to uplaod late today 01/22/2018. So please dear visitor, if you have already subs BolanSalah's youtube channel, from now on, subs Weliyo Studio's youtube channel because all the new video is going to upload into that channel.

I'm also going to start to editing Masiir movie today and maybe not the whole movie but part by part, so watch the first part at Weliyo Studio's youtube channel and also at here in this website. more detail on new post called the masiir movie.

Thank you,

love Salah.

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